Dreams Of Steel Schweiß- und Montagetechnik Anlagen- und Rohrleitungsbau Motorradumbauten
Dreams Of SteelSchweiß- und MontagetechnikAnlagen- und RohrleitungsbauMotorradumbauten 

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Welding and assembly technique

Plant and Pipeline construction

Customizing Motorcycles

Dreams of Steel is a one-man operation with it’s focus on welding and assembly technology and plant and pipeline construction.
My Company Dreams Of Steel was founded in 2004 and since 2012 I am self-employed.

As a trained tool mechanic and repeatedly certified welder I gained most of my experience in these areas, but also in machine- and metal construction and in the work area of a locksmith.
My work areas include amongst others wagewelding, welding of standard parts, repairwelding, steel and stainless steel furniture, all custom made.
But also all kinds of metal work for example plasma cutting, working with saw, drilling and milling machines, assembling and disassembling of machinery and equipment, maintenance and servicing of industrial facilities...
The work will be executed on location all over the world or in my workshop in Germany.
My workshop is fully equipped with all the necessary machinery.
Motorcycles of all kinds are my great personal passion since childhood so it obvious to integrate the bike-and tuningdivision in the company.
I customize bikes to customer ideas and requests (all producers, included Harley Davidson)Exhaust modifications, trim repairs, carbon productions, Street Fighter masks, front spoiler ...
Production of parts:
for example radiator guard, license plate bracket, chain protection (stainless steel, lasered desired motives).
I offer the highest quality and reliability in keeping my appointment and the creative implementation of customer requirements all at reasonable prices.
I am looking forward your request. For further enquiries please contact me using the button "Kontakt".
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Ich biete höchste Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit, Termineinhaltung sowie die kreative Umsetzung der Kundenwünsche zu moderaten Preisen und würde mich über Ihre Anfrage freuen.

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